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Mobi.Me : A Simple Bitcoin Visa Debit Card

A User-friendly interface designed to make it easy to Instantly transfer money between Cryptocurrencies & Fiat Currencies, Mobi users can expect to send funds via any Twitter account or Mobile numbers and sign up for optional Debit card that lets users spend Bitcoins at Million’s Visa accepted Merchants

Mobi is a Mobile Application that acts as a Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet, introduced by BTCC a reputable Chinese Bitcoin Exchange & Bitcoin Mining Pool. This is one of the Newest Mobile Application that allows Users to easily convert between 150+ Fiat Currencies like US Dollar, Japanese Yen & Euro with Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. For those interested in Commodities, there is also the option of converting Financial Assets to Precious Metal like Gold

When you own Cryptocurrencies there is a need to protect confidential data and the access to your funds, since Hacking/Online Theft cases like Mt.Gox prove that no state of the art security offered by Third-party services can guarantee full assurance that your Token are safe from prying hands. A lot can still go wrong with Hardware Wallets but the likelihood of exposing yourself to Hackers is significantly reduced

Unlike existing services out there, Mobi claims to be World’s First Mobile application that allows instant conversion between Cryptocurrency and transfer of money between 150+ Fiat currencies, meaning that individuals in supported countries like China, USA & Malaysia will be able to top-up their account with Bitcoin and Convert it to their local domestic Currency with a choice of sending money to other Users who can cash-out with Bitcoin or fund their Prepaid Visa account

“Mobi eliminates friction in money transfer, making money truly global,” said BTCC chief executive Bobby Lee. “With Mobi, you can send any money to anyone anywhere.”

Another neat feature is that Mobi accounts are linked to Users’ Mobile numbers, instead of displaying a personal name on the Visa Prepaid Card, a phone number will be used as Identification. Mobi’s Customers can instantly transfer funds to any of the 2 billion global smartphone users using Mobile Application

When it comes to Managing your Contact with Mobi, all you need to do is search up other Users phone number, there is no need to look up Bitcoin addresses or any other ID with Mobi, simply find your friends and payees easily using a custom phone’s address book. Another feature integrated into Mobi is the option for customers to send money in any currency, including Bitcoin to any of Twitter’s 335 million users, creating a Financial Remittance Service combined with an existing popular Social Platform


Those who have signed up for a Mobi Account are entitled to order a Visa Prepaid Card as part of an additional option, once subscribed it will be shipped out via Post.

This particular Prepaid Visa Card will be linked to users’ Mobi accounts for the purpose of withdrawing in any currency at ATMs Worldwide or to spend their funds at any retail points of sale that support Visa. This Debit Card automatically deducts funds from customers’ wallet balance, hence Users can top up their Visa Prepaid Card using Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, with more Altcoins to be added as a preferred funding Method



Mobi wallet is available worldwide for Android and iOS and supports up to 15 languages, including English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. When downloading the wallet, it will be linked to the mobile number when signing up for an account

  • Ease of Use, Mobi is a User-friendly Moblie Application
  • Shapeshift Integration, convert Tokens between one another via Shapeshift Decentralized Exchange API
  • VISA approved Prepaid Credit Card, accepted at over 2 Million plus ATM’s Worldwide
  • Back by Reputable Company, BTCC is a leading Chinese Bitcoin Exchange


  • Only Mobile Client is Available for Apple/Andriod, there is NO Desktop Clients
  • Low Security of Funds
  • Not Open Source


Making bitcoin as easy as texting that is goal of Mobi Mobile Application, it’s unique Financial Remittance and versatile bitcoin wallet that brings next-generation user experience to Customers worldwide. All you need is a Smart phone & number to easily send, receive, and convert bitcoin to 150+ fiat currencies anytime and option of funding a Prepaid Visa Card that is widely accepted by millions of Merchants

Complementary to Mobi is the Mobi Visa debit card, all Users get to try it out free Prepaid Visa Card Service for the first 3 Months and enjoy spending Cryptocurrencies & Fiat Currency at your convenience with a touch of button via your Smart Phone. Not only is this an affordable options for Visa Debit Option for Bitcoin Users but BTCC are contiounsly improving the service thus Customers can expect this to be a multi-supporting Cryptocurrency Exchange in the foreseeable offering currencies like Litecoin, Steem & Ethereum for an financial instruments to be intergrated into Mobi.me Services






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