Harmony Foundational Node Giveaway Program

Anyone with access to the internet and the technical know-how can participate in Harmony’s upcoming Foundational node giveaway program.

Without there being an ICO, those that are interested, stand a chance of earning yourself the rights of being foundational node owner of an upcoming blockchain-based platform. Harmony– is a Decentralized network that aims to scale blockchain– the team has reached out to the community in an attempt to build a more open-source project.

A lucky chosen winner, with more weighting given to those who are keen on joining Harmony’s community, will be granted exclusive rights of being one of the 100 Foundational node operators that will help secure decentralized network.

For those unfamiliar, a node will act as a sort of server intended to support a decentralized network. Playing a vital role, each node supports a network by hosting and backing an entire copy the coin’s ledger in real time.  Functioning separately than that of normal nodes, a Foundational masternode do more than just store the full blockchain and relay transactions.

The mechanism in place for 1st & 2nd generation protocols has led to the idea behind, Harmony, a solution that can scale and allow a platform that thrives to be significantly more efficient than existing protocols. Now, Businesses, enterprises and institutions are interested to implement distributed ledger technology, capable of handling high throughput transaction, with the benefit of being cheaper and faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Able to handle 10million transactions per seconds and with a mere fee of 0.1%, the digital currency, Harmony, is looking to fill the void by promising a solution that is ready to outperform existing alternatives.

There is no denying that the technology has hit a roadblock when the most popular cryptocurrency today, Bitcoin, struggles to process transaction resulting in network congestions that has render the digital currency practically useless for microtransaction, & impracticable for a wide range of implications – the most notable one, providing a form of payment system that’s ready to be adopted by the masses.

The launch of the Foundational Node program & Testnet phase is the result of four years of research and development by CEO

Newer protocols, intended to overcome the problems faced by Blockchain technology today, thus Harmony will able to process transaction up to 1000+ times faster than previously solutions.

Harmony’s Foundational Nodes are expected to run during the Testnet phase, participating in the PoS validation phase once the Mainnet goes live.

The highly anticipated peer-to-peer platform is scheduled to go live at the end of June.

To find out more information, consider reading the official Medium Announcement

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