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CryptoPing Altcoin Intelligence Bot

Trading Service to help you keep track of Volume, signaling potential Crypto-Pumps on Poloniex, Bittrex & Cryptopia

Try out CryptoPing, an alternative Cryptocurrency Intelligence bot build to constantly monitor Altcoin markets. The bot generates trading signals and notifies subscribers via Telegram, a popular application that allows users to use it’s messaging application through a Mobile, Desktop and Web Client

Do you want to trade some Prices swings, particularly Bull Runs? Now you have an assistant that will help you to look out for profitable trades before any pumps even start

An important reminder for all Trader that urge them to do is to sign up with chat program Telegram or Slack because quite frankly if you trade altcoins, receiving important news is important when holding large sums of Crypto. Nearly every Cryptocurrency Project has a channel, where developers can be found interacting with Community and where Individuals gather for latest release


Volume is a measure of how much of a given financial asset has been traded in a given period of time. Part of many Traders Regime, CryptoPing initially is a tool to help you keep track of Volume which is often overlooked because it is such a simple indicator but only a few traders & investors know how to use this information to increase their profits and minimize risk

Usually, if a trend is your friend(looking Bullish), some changes in volume ought to happen before a spike or chop. However, volume indicators ought to solely be applied on top of sure daily volume as Cryptocurrency with low market volume are simply too liable to manipulation. CryptoPing Bot will engage in a technique to predict future value movements by finding out past market information for value and volume and seeking patterns at intervals of that information

CryptoPing Bot is designed to fulfill the purpose monitoring sudden Volume changes, looking for an increase in trading activity which can be used to determine Pumps of certain Cryptocurrency Tokens listed on Crypto-exchanges supported such as Bittrex, Poloniex, and Cryptopia

“People should learn to estimate risks instead of just thoughtlessly pressing buttons,” the creators of CryptoPing

Traders pour large amounts of effort and time into interpreting charts in different ways, reading forums and Twitter feeds and gathering information about coins from other sources in attempts to predict market trends and make profitable trades. Crypto markets are volatile, making the task even harder. Shilling and other forms of disinformation (like spreading FUD — fear, uncertainty, disorder), or even just false promises from coin developers quite often stop traders on their quest for profit.

Trading Volume

When Trading Cryptocurrency, Volume refers to the number of transactions of a trader, a broker or a market within a certain time period. Whenever a trade is initiated on a Cryptocurrency Exchange, there is a buyer and the seller so every transaction occurred on a Cryptocurrency Exchange is taken into consideration. Technical analysts often monitor the trading volume, an increase in trading volume can make an observed price movement more significant


Notification provides some signals on whether there is a certain coin is experiencing more trading activity. All further analysis has to be performed by traders and the result will depend on their experience, interests, and goals.

As for now, CryptoPing is free to use just register on their website to receive further instruction on how to add @CryptoPingBot on Telegram. Trading is risky, it is much better to hold Cryptocurrencies however if you’re a Trader, CryptoPing could make a handy tool as it will completely automate one process for you, which is to keep track of sudden changes in Trading Volume. Please do not engage in Trading if you have no experience, you’ll likely lose most of your money

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There is also an ICO planned, when finalized there will be a subscription fee implemented so this service will no longer be free after crowdfunding. I recommend Holding Bitcoin, Ethereum or Steem Power but the team behind CryptoPing has plans to evolve their Service, with a vision of creating a Community Platform built specifically for those interesting in Cryptocurrency Trading. Besides that CryptoPing intends to develop an auto-trading app that will be working in a fire-and-forget mode to deliver steady profits to users

When trading the Cryptocurrency market, there is no central Exchange. Although you can measure the volume in transactions for an individual broker, it is impossible to accurately measure the total number of transactions that have taken place on the Crypto market as a whole, it helps to have a Bot monitor the top 3 Cryptocurrency Exchanges for you.


Crypto community is expanding rapidly, as Online Exchanges keep recording higher unprecedented number of active traders, and market capitalization of Altcoins keeps pushing. Rapidly changing the ecosystem, where CryptoPing goal is to become offer a simple solution and application to used by professional traders as well as beginners

Enjoy the service while it’s free and those that love trade Cryptocurrency Trading should definitely consider adding this Bot to your trading arsenal. This will be exciting Project for as long they focus on improving their bot’s algorithms project’s, however there is long term commitment to create a social trading and educational platform

Final Disclaimer: Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the promoted company or any of its affiliates or services


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