Aergo releases Testnet in preparation for the Mainnet Launch in Q1, 2019

Aergo, is a upcoming project that is planning on eliminating all the obstacles that enterprise & institutions face when deploying a commercialized Blockchain. The open-sourced protocol intends to help businesses streamline & deploy their own custom distributed ledger on top of hybrid blockchain.

By introducing a new blockchain protocol tailored to the needs of enterprises, businesses are now given the choice to develop their own distributed ledger that suits the application. The public chain Aergo will be built from the ground-up in order to become a more secure environment for high-throughput smart contract applications – a platform which developers can easily and cost-effectively deploy their own applications in the cloud.

Aergo’s public testnet launched on 28 December 2018, meaning that Crypto enthusiasts and SQL developers can now test run applications on Aergo’s distributed open source network. Developed and written in SQL, Aergo chain will allow millions of existing developers to create, test, and manage independent chains. The core technology that empowers Aergo is based on ‘’Coinstack’’, an enterprise solution that is owned by Blocko Inc, a South Korean blockchain company that has over 80% domestic market share in commercial blockchain deployments in South Korea.  

The company is leading the way when it comes to being a top contending service provider in the Crypto space as Blocko is helping some of the world’s largest companies such as Samsung, Microsoft, Lottecard, Shinhan bank, Microsoft, Hyundai and IBM deploy their own commercialized blockchain services. Currently, more than 25 Millions users are using Coinstack-based blockchain as the result of the growing list of companies that are collaborating with Blocko.

Blocko’s initial focus was placated on private chains built for businesses that intend to utilize their proprietary software, Coinstack. Realizing the need to offer a more decentralized solution, Aergo was birthed as the open-source protocol that Blocko clients will switch over to especially for enterprises that desire the need for a more transparent and open network.

For more information regarding Aergo, feel free to reach out to the team on Telegram and stay tuned for the mainnet announcement that will take place in 2019




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