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Stay informed with the latest Buzz surrounding Cryptocurrencies and educate yourself more on Blockchain, the fundamental technology that is going to revolutionize money. We are a group of Fintech enthusiasts who found a new passion surrounding innovative Blockchain solutions and we specialize in the South East Asian Cryptospace

CryptoHype.tech thrives to be one of South East Asia’s top social hub for Blockchain information, as we want plan to keep up with one fastest growing region in the world. Those new to the Cryptospace will encounter a lot of challenges especially when we’re dealing with digital assets, get started quickly when it comes to Investing, Managing and understanding Cryptocurrencies. Any media can be speculative, as a Social Hub we aim to be become a trusted source of News and Reviews! It’s our priority to deliver premium quality information to help you acquire the right information and take full advantage of this disruptive technology

Don’t become a victim in this fast-paced Market without first educating yourself first, since you don’t want to miss out on the next upcoming Digital Revolution. Enjoy reading our Bitcoin Beginner Guide series to learn the ‘’must know’’ when getting involved with Cryptocurrencies or Crypto Trading series that focuses extensively on the investment aspect. With independent and community reviews, you can also rest assured that you can safely get involved in the CryptoSpace, may it be in the rapidly growing region of Asia or around the world, some of the information provided here will ensure that you’re well prepared

Blockchain Education that Won’t Cost You a Dime

As a Team, we’ve always been fascinated with Blockchain Technology since the inception of Bitcoin, so it’s our intention to offer insights into the exciting world of everything Crypto, but we aren’t your fiduciary, accountant, or lawyer. We are here to help other like-minded enthusiasts understand how Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies will shape our Future. As a Content publisher, we are serious about our journalism standards, and as educators, we wish to provide useful insights through our unbiased reviews.

Part of our Mission is to help foster Blockchain development in South East Asia, a region that is to benefit immensely from mainstream Cryptocurrency adoption, hence we want to be at the forefront of the community as it would be beneficial for all us to work together to bootstrap Cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.


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If you consider yourself an Blockchain enthusiasts or a CryptoHype Fan, feel free to reach out to us by contacting us via Email and make sure to follow us other Social Media accounts.


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